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Our Slogan:

Design with heart, create with love Our Positioning:

Three styles: classical fashionable children, little outdoor explorers, school student with British style. Quality guaranteed and brief design is

our pursuit, B.YCR Kids brand diverse trust by children between 3-16 years old.

Our style:

Simple and nature, overflows comfortable country relaxation of the old continent. Delicate mixture of classical and fashion, fine combination of western style and Japan & Korea all represents udifferentchildhood, different color" fashion positioning

Our idea:

Your demand is our pursuit; we are working hard all the time Our mission:

Create value for customers, create value for colleagues, and create value for share holders Our expectation:

Becoming pioneer of China children garment brand Currently we have three major design teams: Guangzhou design team, Hangzhou design team, Huzhou design team. With strong off-line integration system, soon after ordering fair every season, we arrange raw material purchasing as well as qualityinspection ensuring the final products is good quality at affordable price. We are proud that we are an entity with social responsibility, our attitude is to afford 100% responsibility for our products.







淳朴的、自然的,有着田园气息的儿童服装,经典与时尚的巧妙结合,欧美与日韩的色彩搭配,充分体现了“不一样的童年,不一样的色彩” 的时尚品位。










Company Introduction

Established in year 1998 and locate in southern coast ofTaihu Lake,, Zhejiang Commoner Cheuk-Yan Co.,Ltd is an children garment manufacturerwhich integrates design, production, sale as well as after-sale service as a package. The company focused on garment for children between 3-16 years old. It takes an area of 20,000 square meters with 300 employees and output 1,5 million piece of garment annually. The main products of the company including boys and girls garment, shoes, socks as well as accessories and peripheral products.

As the company

expanding domestic market, on-line & off-line multi distribution channel also been established at the same time. Over 15 years,

B.YCR Kids has franchised in 28 major area of China, totally 3000 retail store which sells B.YCR Kids brand (including exclusive shops, brand

stores and shops with retail brand). In 2009, the company sets up E-commerce operational department, until now B.YCR Kids brand sells well in

Tmall.com, JD.com, paipai.com, taobao market place as well as B.YCR Kids brand official website. On-line sale takes up about 25% of annual sale last year.





 Customer service 4001-800-599

cool live


To meet the new life, planning a trip, close to nature, enjoy life Childlikejoy, pleasure and fun.

迎接全新的生活,计划一次旅行,亲近自然,享受生活 童趣带来的快乐,畅快愉悦的童趣时光


Comfortable office environment

Every morning, in addition to meet the wonderful life and sunshine, more with us is comfortable and quiet cloth, B.YCR home


Brand advantag

-Cost-effective, high-quality goods, truly high-grade quality mid-range price, fashionable and stylish, popular.

-The new line of sales model, the brand sales channel strategy, customers can easily buy cloth, products in various channels:

Channel one (line): distribution agents throughout the country are the main force of the commoner expanding the role of play a decisive role for the Buyi, market

Channel two (online): Taobao Mall, mall QQ, Shake handshandle net, VANCL, Taobao shop e-commerce platform, can remain within doors,business activities carried out through the network, the more standardized.

-We have walked in three fashion design team in front of the design team: Guangzhou, Hangzhou team, Huzhou team. Team unity and stability and experienced designers split, young design work of the complex, rely on the thinking and research methods, so that the design has become the law can be found there, we have a strong team to collect global information, the design team has resource conformity, makeentire firm distribute design atmosphere rich.

-A strong production team: the staff of skilled, departments convergence of smooth, our wills unite like a fortress., greatly reduces the production cost, improve production efficiency

-Logistics and distribution of mature, professional logistics personnel, to ensure the timely delivery and quality, perfect after sale service, professional customer service staff careful explanation, the timely processing of special customer service department, let you have a worry-free shopping trip.

-Elegant office environment, facilities, warm atmosphere of the entire firm, provides a relaxed environment for employees and customers.






我们有走在潮流时尚前端的三大设计团队:广州设计团队、杭州设计团队,湖州设计团队。团队团结稳定且经验丰富,年轻的设计师们拆 分了复杂的设计工作,




成熟的物流配送,专业的物流人员,保证了发货的及时与质量,完善的售后服务,专业的客服人员的细心讲解,专门的售后部门的及时处理, 的€物之旅。办公环境优美,设施齐备,整个公司氛围温馨,给员工和顾客提供了一个轻松的环境。

I made more interesting

Withjoy and simple way of life, so that everyjourney you easier, more fun


Brand vision

Advocating and promoting fashion llifestyle, pursuing the public's demand,in order tomake to become benchmarking brand in china ,even the children's clothing industry, and ultimately become a kingdom

of international first-class children's products, we also have been in the struggle. As it was founded in 98, children's clothing enterprise, face the success it has, we know in the face of fierce market

competition is like to walk, not to advance is to go back, in the future, cloth remainings will strive to build brand strength, in children's wear industry will be more walk more far.

Today's cloth remainings will continue to face the market,it need to find opportunities and ready to continue to push the progress and forward development of the enterprise, and the innovation of

management idea, outstanding quality pursuit and of service commitment perfectly blend and enterprise management, we must always walk in the front of the market development and the social demand,

In the changing market changes, the company will stick to pay attention to the harmony between

science and technology, humanity, nature, constantly create a new heaven and earth, to provide staffhome office space, a more personality for the design of children's wear industry and concise new products.

Over 15 years windy back road, B.YCR Kids will lead this team with passion and vigor, in the increasingly competitive children garment market straight foreword, with fashionable healthy way of life to create a personality childhood for children nowadays. Create a colorful world for children,

and provide a simple, nature and beautiful future for children.

倡导和推动时尚生活方式,追求大众的需求,布衣草人一直在努力,使其努力成为中国乃至世界童装行业的标杆性 品牌,并最终成为国际一流的儿童用品王国,我们也一直在奋斗。作为九八年就成立的童装企业,面对已经取得的 成绩,我们深知面对激烈的市场竞争犹如逆水行走,不进则退,在未来,布衣草人将着力打造品牌力,在童装行业会越走越远。

今天的布衣草人将继续面对市场风云,文纳贤才,需找机遇并时刻准备着,持续推动企业的不断进步和向 前发展,

并把创新的经营理念,卓越的品质追求和全面的服务承诺完美地融合与企业的经营之中,我们要永远走在市场发展和社会需求的前端。在日新月异 的市场变革中,公司将坚持注重科技、人性、自然的和谐统一,不断开创新的天地,


十五年风雨,大浪淘沙,布衣草人将带领这支充满激情和活力的团队,在竞争日趋激烈的童装市 场中乘风破浪,

勇往直前,用时尚的健康生活方式,来打造属于孩子们的个性童年。为现代儿童缔造了一个五彩的世界,给孩子提供一个崇尚自然与简洁 和谐相处的美好未来。


Simple and nature

overflows comfortable country relaxation of the old continent
Delicate mixture of classical and fashion

Design with heart, create with love

浙江布衣草人服饰有限公司 地址:浙江省湖州市吴兴区织里镇阿祥路1166号

Address: No. 1166 Axiang Road, Zhili, Huzhou, Zhejiang, China

Tel: 0572-2550888 Fax: 2550892

Email: bycr1998@163.com Customer service: 4001800599 Official website: www.bycr.com.cn Shopping mall: www.bycr.cn Taobao flag shop: http://buyicaoren.taobao.com


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